The 7 Laws of Mindful Living

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1-Minute Book Summary

The 7 Laws of Mindful Living captures the essence of life's many challenges while distilling them into a blend of yogic philosophy, spiritual growth, and calls to adventure.

It’s different from other books on the subject because it combines seven key philosophies (7 Laws) to revive the broken human spirit and is told from Vernon’s personal experience and setbacks in entrepreneurship, life, love, and adventure.

I.e., If your life's falling apart, it’s possible to pick up the pieces and put yourself together again.

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In The 7 Laws of Mindful Living, you'll be provided with timeless principles that will allow you to experience happiness, fulfillment, and freedom that extends far beyond what's in your bank account, job title, or personal possessions. You will unearth the roadmap to living more fully and purposefully in the world without feeling like you have to hide your identity or what you've been through.

You'll learn, deeply contemplate, and discover:

  • How to let go of things that no longer serve you

  • Why you must protect your dreams at all costs

  • How to be the source of your own happiness

  • The power of junior high love letters

  • How to create freedom when you feel trapped and hopeless

  • Why your life shouldn't look like anyone else's

  • The mindset to embrace the struggle as part of your story

Stop waiting for things to change. They won’t. You know if anyone is going to do something about your current situation, no matter how difficult it may look, it’s you! Nobody’s coming to save you. It’s time to be the hero of your story. Now is the time to heal, grow, and move into the next version of you. It all begins with The 7 Laws of Mindful Living.


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About the author

Building a bridge between worlds, people, and cultures through leveraging technology, the spoken word, and the pen, Vernon T. Foster II is no stranger to adventure and defying convention.

When the world valued specialization, he sought to become a generalist. Vernon opted to treat his 20s and early 30s as an experiment for building skills and honing his personal philosophy.

Little did he know nor envision that his lifestyle would catalyze the creation of a global movement and framework that would inspire others to follow suit. His work has been featured at Entrepreneur, General Assembly, The Good Men Project, and Podcast Movement.